Our School Policies

We are proud to be a TEA Exemplary School District and know that our success is due not only to our dedicated faculty and staff but also to our supportive community. We pride ourselves in offering all our students standards-based curriculum, informative lectures, guided practice, independent practice, field trips, educationally-based teachable moments, and authentic assessment. We are dedicated to the development of the whole child—socially, academically, and emotionally.

Internet Safety

We’ve made a substantial investment in computers and technology here at Dodd City ISD. Resources such as computers, Internet, and distance learning provide great educational benefits to students. Access to the Internet, computers and related equipment, and other technology resources is a privilege for students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. We restrict our resources to students working under a teacher’s supervision and for approved learning purposes only. We require staff, students, and parents or guardians to read and sign our internet safety policy. Please make sure you understand these rules, as violations of this agreement will result in loss of computer privileges and possibly disciplinary action.


Communication Policy

Our school district is implementing a new system for emergency communications using electronic media (computers and cell phones) as the communication tools. The vendor we have selected for this process is FlashNews.net through Region 10 ESC.

This system allows us to communicate emergencies like weather closures to staff, employees, and other interested subscribers directly to their home computers and personal cell phones. This way you’ll receive the emergency information at the same time as the news media. This system also allows for announcements of non-closure emergency or information like electricity outages. See our complete communication policy for details on how to sign up for this system.